FSIP 48 Volt DC Speed Motor


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Designed for EZ-GO, Club Car, Yamaha, and Star EV

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FSIP motors are designed to be paired with all aftermarket controllers.  Work best with 400A or more.
If you purchase an FSIP motor without an upgraded controller or conversion kit, you may not obtain the speed and torque specifications published on our website.
Please select the model cart that you have.  Some carts will require a speed sensor adapter but we will include that with the motor. 
This motor is not recommended if you have a 23″+ tire and rear seat kit.  Most of our users are running 30+ MPH on this motor.  This is not a guarantee on speed and all carts vary.

*Speed motors

    • 1-year warranty
    • Not to be used on heavy vehicles, stretched, or vehicles expected to climb large hills.  This will cause premature failure.
    • Not to be used with stock controllers.
    • Best when paired with Navitas 440 amp or 600 amp TSX controllers  
    • Adapter cables will be needed with FSIP motors
    • Motors are already set up in the Navitas app

Installing a motor with a different speed sensor connection:

Note: All of our Custom Built Sepex Motors come with the standard gray triangle speed sensor plug connection. This is the standard plug connection for Club Car IQ carts. You can buy speed sensor adapters to convert this plug connection EZ-GO 36/48 volt PDS carts and Yamaha G19. G22 and G29 plug connections, however you can just simply clip the three wires right behind the gray triangle connector, clip the three wires on your speed sensor connector (leaving your wires as long as possible) and use wire connectors to splice your speed sensor connector to the speed sensor on the new motor. Simply connect the BLACK to BLACK, RED to RED and then connect the remaining two old colored wires together.

FSIP Motors

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EZ-GO TXT, Club Car Precedent, Club Car DS IQ, YAMAHA G29, YAMAHA G22, YAMAHA G19, STAREV