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Designed for 48 Volt Yamaha Sepex Carts


Gorilla Electric Golf Cart Motors

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Designed for 48 Volt Yamaha Sepex Carts

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New Custom Built Motor, Class H Motor Rating, High Performance Brushes, High Torque Yamaha 48 volt Sepex 19 Spline 15.8 HP, Speed 18-23 mph (estimated), and added 70% more torque, *must upgrade controller*, flat terrain and a good quality battery pack.

Note: You MUST use 1/4 20 motor bolts, Don't use 6mm motor bolts!

Golf Cart Type-series or regen

High Torque Motor measures 11 1/4" Long*

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Plum Quick Motors is the World's leader in Golf Cart Performance, we build the most powerful DC Electric motors and we have the World's Fastest Golf Carts to prove it! You need the right components to go with your Custom Built High Performance Motor.

If your cart is equipped with a lift kit and taller tires it is recommended that your upgrade to a Higher amp Sepex Controller.

*Alltrax XCT controller EZ-Go/Club Car/Yamaha*
*500 AMP XCT* $780.00
*400 AMP XCT* $730.00

*NAVITAS TSX 3.0 DC Controller Kit EZ-Go/Club Car/Yamaha Series/Shunt*
*600 Amp w/OTF* $830.00
*440 Amp w/OTF* $730.00

Navitas TSX

Note: With certain EZ-Go carts (1994-current) you'll need to make sure your ITS is set properly to insure you receive 100% throttle at full pedal.

Note: We like to make sure the plugger rod sticks out around an 1/8" to ensure 100% throttle.


To maximize performance replace rear end fluid with high grade synthetic motor oil.

Please note: It is a must that you have a good quality battery pack. At Plum Quick Motors we only use the BEST and in our opinion Trojan batteries are the top of the line.

Make sure your brakes are not dragging, you should be able to push and pull your cart with the brakes released on flat terrain. Also, make sure your tires are properly inflated to 25 - 30 psi.

Note: Installing your custom built motor:

Don’t put a bumper into the motor coupler once you get it back from Plum Quick. The motor has been tested on a dyno machine and if it had a coupler bumper and/or needed a coupler bumper it was tested and determined at that point to use or not. As for installing the motor onto the rear end, wire brush the rear end output spline shaft, you can spray a light coat of white lithium grease and now slide the motor onto the rear spline shaft all the way until the motor housing bumps the rear end housing. Line up and tighten the motor bolts to secure the motor to the rear end housing.

Installing a motor with a different speed sensor connection:

Note: All of our Custom Built Sepex Motors come with the standard gray triangle speed sensor plug connection. This is the standard plug connection for Club Car IQ carts. You can buy speed sensor adapters to convert this plug connection to EZ-GO 36/48 volt PDS carts and Yamaha G19. G22 and G29 plug connections, however you can just simply clip the three wires right behind the gray triangle connector, clip the three wires on your speed sensor connector (leaving your wires as long as possible) and use wire connectors to splice your speed sensor connector to the speed sensor on the new motor. Simply connect the BLACK to BLACK, RED to RED and then connect the remaining two old colored wires together.

Note: When connecting the motor cables back to the motor it is a MUST that you use two wrenches (one on the nut near the motor housing, so this nut will not turn and the second to tighten the nut that will hold the cable lug) as to not spin the motor stud during the tightening of the cable lug to the motor

Note: Motor rotation:
Once you put in your upgraded motor and it goes in forward with the switch in reverse or goes in reverse when the switch is in forward, simply switch out the S1 and S2 motor leads if it’s a series cart or if it’s a Sepex cart isolate the battery pack and switch out F1 and F2. Test drive the cart and everything should work fine. If you have issues then please give us a call @ 1-803-548-7205.

Note: Motor temperature is very important in the longevity of any motor. Plum Quick motors recommends that the customer monitors the motor temperature with an inexpensive Infrared Temperature Gun. Monitor the temperature on the painted motor case. Motor case temperature of 190 degrees F or lesss is best. Don't operate the cart with motor temperature above 190 degrees F as this can and will break down the winding and armature shellac causing a direct ground. To perform this test you can use a cheap $20 or less Infrared Temperature Gun.

All motors are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase from Plum Quick. All motors returned for repairs are subject to manufactures inspection and customer pays for shipping both ways.

Excluded from warranty are motors damaged due to the following. NO exceptions.

1. Stalling the armature (pedal depressed and wheels not turning).

2. Operating the motor under LOW or HIGH voltage conditions (running the motor on LOW battery pack or adding additional voltage to the motor).

3. Exceeding the R.P.M. limit of the motor (running FULL throttle going down steep hills, running motor full throttle with cart on jack stands).

4. Prolonged HIGH amp draw (towing, hauling heavy loads or climbing steep hills or inclines).

5. Using HIGH speed gears (high amp draw).

6. Running OVER 22" tall tires with stock controller (high amp draw).

7. No warranty on speed sensor or magnet for Sepex Motors.

Stalling the Armature


Brush Arcing


Lifted Com bar


Over Revving

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Satisfied Customers

"Over the past two years I have purchased two golf carts from Don Jenkins with the PQ Motor and one with the Center Console w/gear shift; I have been most pleased and recommend to anyone with a cart."— Noel Crick -

Liability Statement:

The purchaser understands that it is the duty of the purchaser to comply with, and insure compliance with, all necessary safety requirements and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Plum Quick Motors of any and all liability, direct or indirect, arising from the use or misuse of the merchandise or any other action related to, or incidental to, the merchandise purchased by the purchaser.

The purchaser agrees to allow no individual under the age of majority to operate or otherwise use the merchandise purchased from Plum Quick Motors.

Purchaser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Plum Quick Motors from any claims of third parties, whether authorized by purchaser or not, arising from, related to, or incidental to this contract or the merchandise purchased pursuant to this contract. Any warranties made by Plum Quick Motors pursuant to this contract may not be transferred to third parties.

Return Policies:

Merchandise cannot be disassembled or damaged by incorrect installation. Plum Quick will NOT be liable for any cost of service calls, installation, alleged harm, both personal and materially and/or any damages from the installation of our products. All returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee regardless of reason for return.

Special order custom motors are non-returnable.

If you order a custom motor and receive the wrong motor as a result of misinformation on your part, it cannot be returned.