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"World's Largest Selection of High Performance Electric Golf Cart Motors"

Extreme Performance - You can boost your top-end speed and low-end torque now starting at


Plum Quick “Fastest Name in Golf”

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The Bandit $275.00


World’s Most Powerful Golf Cart Motors.
Track Tested / Race Proven!

“Limited Production”

60 New High Performance Golf Cart Motors

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Plum Quick Racing on YouTube . . . 1,000,000+ Views

About Plum Quick Motors

At Plum Quick Motors, we produce high performance golf cart motors for a wide range of applications including hunting, off road, golfing, cruising and even racing.

Plum Quick™ motors produce peak torque across the entire RPM band and boost top speed and hill climbing power. 36v and 48v Bandit versions are available for Club Car and EZGO.

Want to upgrade your current motor? Upgrading is easy! Just provide the core and we’ll make your cart Plum Quick™!!