Plum Quick Golf Cart Hall of Fame

The 2022 Plum Quick “Golf Cart Hall of Fame” inductees are:

Randy Hopper, CA
Joey Holloway, FL

The 2020 Plum Quick “Golf Cart Hall of Fame” inductees are:

James Bailey, NC
Jeff Bentley, FL
Frank Brooklyn, FL
Steve Dullum, FL
Terry Hatfield, AR
Troy Scherer, IN
Ronnie Watson, TX

This is the second set of Plum Quick “Golf Cart Hall of Fame” inductees. The 2018 inductees all ran Plum Quick motors and so did James Bailey in the 2020 class of inductees.

This isn’t about Plum Quick Motors, it’s to recognize and honor the work that these individuals did and still do to help promote Golf Cart Racing.

Three of these are gas powered and four are electric powered and ALL are first class people!
I’m very honored to have the opportunity to present to the carting world this 2020 class of Hall of Famers!

Thank you all……….

The 2018 Plum Quick Racing “Golf Cart Hall of Fame” inductees are:

Nathan England, TX
Andy Fisher, SC
Mac Mcclam, SC
Milton Parrott, SC
Keith Rodden, TN
John Sharp, AR
John Threadgill, FL
Dee Dee Threadgill, FL
Chris Wells, AL

This is the first and only Golf Cart Drag Racing Hall of Fame. These inductees are individuals that helped promote the Plum Quick Motors brand in the early years by racing our motors at numerous drag strips across the country. These individuals showed great sportsmanship while promoting Plum Quick Motors and competing in classes from 36 to 120 volts, winning over 100+ events combined. This is our way of saying thanks to these individuals for all their hard work in the early years to help Plum Quick Motors become the “World’s leader in Golf Cart Performance”. We’ve designed a very special “Golf Cart Hall of Fame” ring for each inductee.

Thank you all …

James Bailey

About 16 years ago, we lived at the beach. Our neighborhood decided to have a golf cart race. With the help from all the Steens and a PQ motor, I was able to out perform everyone. The faster I went, the faster I wanted to go.

I built a 3 wheeler EZ-GO golf cart with 72 volts and a PQ motor. It ran 62 mph in the 1/8th of a mile. I went on to win many races.

The Steens have always been there with advice to help me reach my goals. Their PQ motors are the best you can buy. We have become very good friends over the years and I feel like part of the PQ family.

James Bailey

Jeff Bentley

Golf Cart Crazy started while I was using forums to get info about building golf carts. I lifted an electric Yamaha and had a great time with that as did the 2 youngins that we had around the house everyday. As always I wanted to go faster so I built an EZ-GO Medalists with a Yamaha 433 Snowmobile engine in it and a Kawasaki Bayou front suspension clip. Well that really got it going (the crazy that is). I went on building carts for myself and others. Lift kits, paint jobs and engines.

I installed a Kubota 3 cylinder diesel in a Club Car, 18 HP Briggs opposed in a EZ-GO utility cart, 23 HP Briggs in my workhorse. BUT, it got crazy when we tried sanctioned drag racing, I took my lifted Yamaha electric and cut it in half, installed a 2004 Honda CBR 1000RR engine, full cage, wilwood brake system, Raptor 660 front suspension clip and made it as safe as I could because I knew it would be fast, it was….real fast. It got worse, I then built a Altered Dragster based on a EZ-GO cart, that was the top of my golf cart builds. What a blast carts have been, now I’m down to just 2 carts, my workhorse 23 HP Briggs and my off road utility cart 18 HP Briggs opposed.


Jeff Bentley

Frank Brooklyn

Adrenaline pumping through my veins, burnouts and an 18 mile long drag of asphalt; those were the glory days. I traveled far and in between to race other gassers like my own. During those times I learned a lot about my cart. One being that when the tree hits green, it is in fact completely possible to hit the gas peddle so hard that it literally breaks the peddle in half. Luckily, I run a fab shop and had that fixed by the next race. I sported an EZ-GO drag cart that carried a Vanguard V Twin motor. I normally stayed dialed in, rarely causing a breakout. I was usually consistent, sitting at 8.60 and was happy with that. I enjoyed my time in the NGKRA & Oddpowers Racing and I hope anyone with the need for speed and a passion for racing, considers this sport. It was well worth it and left me with great memories that I will look back on for the rest of my life.

Frank Brooklyn

Steve Dullum

Terry Hatfield

We bought an electric golf cart to use around the neighborhood. We found out very soon that the “normal” golf cart wasn’t going to cut it. So I started researching how to make it go faster and found several online groups of people Drag Racing golf carts. I’ve been around drag racing all my life and I was hooked. We started racing that golf cart that used to go 12 mph. It didn’t take long to start looking for ways to be more aerodynamic, faster and quicker. We soon bought a chassis and began the quest for the 100 mph 1/8 th mile. We made a lot of mistakes and blew up motors along the way… a lot of motors. But we kept on. We achieved that goal in Springfield, MO in 2015. We held the B voltage class dragster record in the NEDRA for several years and are proud to be a member of the Roger Hedlund 100 mph Club.

Terry Hatfield

Troy Scherer

I attended all but one (the first one) of the Buggy Bonanzas. I watched all the other guys build their carts and race down the track. I think it was 2009 when I finally finished my cart. It was an 1985 Club Car and I ran 48 volts for the first year and quickly decided to bump it up to 72 volts. With a “hand me down” motor and used batteries I built a system to run without a high dollar controller (I wanted one, just wasn’t in the budget). Over the years I changed things up, upgraded items. Though I’m not racing on asphalt anymore, in 2018 I finally bought the high amp controller and all new batteries and increased the voltage to 144 volts. Today, the cart is “retired” hanging from the shop ceiling. We have met a lot of great people over the years racing carts and seen a lot of great racing carts! My wife and kids had huge parts in my decision to race carts, without their support I would have never done it!

Troy Scherer

Ronnie Watson

2006 1st place Baja 500 Electric Super Stock Buggy Bonanza
          1st place Hill Climb Electric Super Stock Buggy Bonanza
2008 1st place Buggy 500 Electric Modified Buggy Bonanza
          1st place Hill Climb Electric Modified Buggy Bonanza
          1st place Mud Pit Electric Unlimited Buggy Bonanza
          1st place Buggy 500 Electric Unlimited Buggy Bonanza
          1st place Hill Climb Electric Unlimited Buggy Bonanza
          1st place Drag Race Electric Unlimited Buggy Bonanza
2009 1st place Jimmy B 500 Electric Modified Lifted Buggy Bonanza
          1st place Jimmy B 500 Electric Outlaw Buggy Bonanza
          1st place Hill Climb Electric Outlaw Buggy Bonanza
          1st place Sled Pull Electric Outlaw Buggy Bonanza
2009 Qualified the cart for a Rich Christensen Lose the race, Lose your ride Arm Drop Live at the Houston Motorsports Park.
2010 3rd place Pro 72 volt Drag Race Plum Quick Summer Nationals
          Plum Quick Summer Nationals Furthest Travel Award from IGKRA
          Plum Quick Summer Nationals Golf Drag Race Racing Hard Luck Award
2015 1st place Show and Shine Outlaw Golf Cart Rodeo
          1st place Barrel Race Outlaw Golf Cart Rodeo
          2nd place Figure 8 Race Outlaw Golf Cart Rodeo
          2nd place 300 ft Drag Race Outlaw
          1st place in the 1/8 mile Outlaw Drag Race in Georgia and Missouri

Ronnie Watson

Nate England

I got my first electric golf cart back in 1997, it was a 1977, 36 volt Taylor Dunn I picked up from a local golf cart shop for $300.00.
I quickly learned I had a knack for understanding electric motors and control systems. After playing with a shunt circuit on a series motor I knew why this was a bad idea as I almost melted the motor. Soon I learned that higher voltage was a much safer way to get high power but after pricing big controllers I realized they were way out of my price range. I then developed my own electronic controller which allowed me to have fun with really big power for a golf cart.

Through friends that shared the excitement of a modified custom golf cart I met the folks at PQ. The PQ folks were also very interested in how the higher voltages worked out.

As people can see from the Guinness World Records the PQ folks found out!
Nate England

Andy Fisher

I met the Steens several years ago after purchasing a golf cart for our beach house. I heard others speak of them and they were within driving distance so I figured I’ll try them out on my 72 volt buggy I was building.

I talked to Carson first and we got things rolling. After getting the motor I was hooked. I have since ordered a dozen or so motors from them for customers and myself.

Carson, Robby and Rick are just awesome folks to work with. They will tell you straight up about what to expect out of your cart with their motors. Hands down the fastest golf cart people I have ever met. You can be assured that if it’s got a PQ motor it’s got the Plum best motor there is!

Thanks to all the Steens
Because it’s a family thing!
Andy Fisher

Mac Mcclam

I got to know Mr. Steen, Rick and Robby while trying to get the fastest golf cart in the campgrounds. This turned into neighborhood buddies racing! Later I was privileged to race from Ohio to Florida in competition golf cart drag racing events running a Plum Quick motor which led to the start of Mr. 48 Volts Racing team.

In all the races running a Plum Quick motor, I only lost one time on a breakout in a bracket race. People from Ohio, Texas and Florida chased that Plum Quick motor but could never catch it! “That’s because it was Plum Quick”

I had a blast racing and enjoyed meeting lots of nice people from different states. The Steens at Plum Quick Motors are top notch and I highly recommend them if you have the need for speed!

Mac Mcclam

Milton Parrot

When I met Mr. Steen, Robby and Rick I knew these guys were the best at building high performance golf cart motors and over the course of a few years we became very close friends. The Steen’s upgraded my Club Car Precedent to a 72 volt series cart with a racing Plum Quick motor and the rest is history.

I won multiple events racing in several states and Plum Quick was always willing to give me advice on tuning the cart for different tracks. We had a lot of great times and still laugh and joke about all the other carts we smoked and how they never could out run us. I’m very proud to have my name in The Golf Cart Hall of Fame. Plum Quick is simply the BEST!

Thank you.
Milton Parrott

Keith Rodden

Got the Plum Quick treatment on my first motor in 2005. A competing provider of high performance golf cart motors said, “you can improve torque or speed of an electric motor but not both”. Carson with PQ assured me both would be improved. PQ’s competitor continued to be doubters even after I sent them both GPS speed comparisons and hill climb times. When I entered the competitor’s sponsored competition and won either first or second place in every event (including the only full pull in the tractor pull in my class) they quit doubting. By the way, that 2005 motor is still going strong. Plum Quick and the Steen’s commitment to quality and old fashioned service are beyond compare!

Thank you,
Keith Rodden

John Sharp

I fell in love with golf carts the first time I drove one as a child. I fell in love with fast golf carts the moment I purchased a Plum Quick motor for my first cart. I started with a Club Car DS series cart that ran 12 mph. After using other motors and components I just couldn’t achieve the desired results. A friend of mine told me about these awesome people with the best motors in South Carolina. That’s when I got hooked up with the Steen family and Plum Quick. From that point on, I was constantly building carts that went faster and faster!

My final cart before retiring was a 72 volt Superbird Club Car drag cart. With help from Plum Quick, I was running mid 60’s in the 1/8 mile. Plum Quick are the only motors that I run period.

Thank you Robby, Ricky and Mr. Carson. I have enjoyed your motors but more importantly your friendships.

John Sharp

Dee Dee Threadgill

We have dealt with Carson, Robby and Rick for over 15 years and you’ll never find anyone finer than these people. They are always ready to answer any questions and help you in any way they can and will not steer you in the wrong direction. We will never have anything but a PQ motor in any cart that we own!
Dee Dee Threadgill

John Threadgill

1955 – 2009

Chris Wells

I have always loved golf carts or anything electric. In early 1990 I bought my first golf cart and it’s the same cart I have today. It’s a 1989 Club Car which was a 36 volt resistor cart. I did play golf at the local Country Club. I started beefing up my cart in the early 90’s to outrun all the other carts on the course. The old saying is the first one to their ball never has a bad lie. I guess that’s when I caught the fever for modifying golf carts.

I have built 48 volt carts, 64 volt carts, 72 volt carts and helped build a 120 volt cart over the years. Around 2005 I attended my first golf cart event, where I didn’t turn down any chance to compete with my cart against some that were backed by golf cart companies. During this event I was the only one willing to take on a 72 volt cart in the first ever tug of war. Yes, my cart at that time was only 48 volts. We were not able to move in any direction during that friendly event. We did dig some good holes with the back tires.

In 2006 I returned with a new look. I had done my homework and entered the event with my same golf cart that was completely changed and with the best motor in the world! Only a few people had ever heard about this motor or the company at that time. We rolled in with three custom carts in an enclosed trailer. After the day was completed we had won 7 out of 10 events using Plum Quick Motors and custom controllers. This was the start of a great friendship with some folks I’ll always remember. John and Dee Dee Threadgill, Nate England, Ricky Steen, Robby Steen and Carson Steen. This would have never been possible without any of these people.

I still to this day recommend and install Plum Quick Motors in any modified cart I build. The product will sell it’s self after taking anyone for a ride on my cart. My cart is now running 88 volts and a custom PQ lift Kit.

Thank you Plum Quick for all the years of outstanding products, service and custom motors.

Chris Wells