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C.D. Steen & Sons was founded in 1976 by Carson Steen and his sons Rick and Robby. Below you will find some background information on the Steens and how Plum Quick came to be.

Carson Steen

Carson Steen


2-5-1940 / 8-17-2021

My name is Carson Steen. I was born in Chesterfield County, South Carolina on Feb. 5th 1940. I was reared on a small farm and attended a rural four room school.

I started operating an automotive garage in Pageland, South Carolina in 1954 at 14 years of age. I married a home town girl in 1958, and moved to Fort Mill, SC and started working for Springs Cotton Mills, later known as Springs Industries.

In 1960 I had a son (Ricky) and another son in 1962 (Robby). Between 1963 and 1975, I entered York Technical College in Rock Hill S.C and completed nineteen electrical and mechanical courses and started C. D. Steen & Sons in 1976.

I later resigned from Springs Industries in 1981 to start Indian Land machine shop now known as Steen Products Inc. and then founded Plum Quick Motors with sons Ricky and Robby. I hold several patents on a variety of items including an electric vehicle drive axle.

Rick Steen

Rick Steen


My name is Rick Steen. I was born June 26th, 1960. My wife’s name is Phyllis. Together, we have two sons, Matt, and Dylan.

I have always been interested in sports. At Indian Land High School, I was Quarterback from 1976-78 and competed in track from 1974-78. After High School, I attended Newberry College in Newberry SC.

Bodybuilding and powerlifting are some of my other interests. I started competing in bodybuilding professionally in 1982 and powerlifting professionally in 1985. Below, I have listed achievements from my bodybuilding and powerlifting career.

Bodybuilding & Powerlifting titles held:


1982: Mr. South Carolina – Champion
1983: Mr. Palmetto State – Champion
1983: Mr. Atlantic USA – 4th Place
1983: Mr. Carolina Classic – 2nd Place
1984: Mr. USC – Champion
1984: Mr. Piedmont – Champion
1985: Palmetto State – Champion
1986: SC State Championship – 2nd Place
1987: SC State Championship – 4th Place
1988: SC State Championship – 1st Place
1989: Eastern USA Championship – 3rd Place
1990: Tarheel State Strength Classic – Champion
1991: SC State Championship – 1st Place
1991: Tarheel State Strength Classic – Champion
1992: Tarheel State Strength Classic – Champion
1993: USPF Clemson Ironman Contest – Set state record in the deadlift at 650lbs.
1995: WPA South Eastern USA Champion – Set state record in the deadlift.

Robby Steen

Robby Steen


My name is Robby Steen, I was born January 2nd 1962 in York County South Carolina to Carson and Kathleen Steen. My family and I moved to the community of Indian Land located in Lancaster County, Fort Mill SC at 6 weeks of age. I had a normal childhood breaking everything I could get my hands on and worrying my parents about my mental capabilities.

My very first memories of any mechanical ability was around 10 years old, when my uncle ‘Shorty’ would come to visit and show me his tricks on making a stick welder weld by itself in Dad’s backyard shop. I was hooked on welding instantly from that point, and that bug is stronger than ever today.

I started rebuilding car engines at 15 and loved the fact that I could tear something down, put it back together and it would work! Who would have thought at that age you would know what you were going to do for the rest of your life?

I went to work full time for Springs Industries in 1979 while still in high school. I fixed weaving looms on the 2nd shift and thought it would kill me. In the cotton mills at that time, there was no air conditioning and the noise was unreal, but if you could work in that type of environment you could work anywhere.

I graduated from Indian Land High School in 1980 and I left Springs Industries in 1981 to work at Indian Land Machine Shop with my Father. In 1982, I married the love of my life and childhood sweetheart Sheila. In 2001, Sheila gave birth to our twin boys, Noah and Jacob. Sheila home schools the boys, and no, I do not know how she does it.

In the many years since Steen Products Inc. was established, we have done a wide variety of repair jobs from the textile industry to food packaging. Steen Products Inc. has many years of experience with research and development with companies throughout the world from electric riding lawn mowers to medical testing equipment. During that time, we have been granted several U.S. and foreign patents.

Plum Quick Motors came about thru building our own golf carts to use at the shop and for trail riding, little did we know that it would turn into what it has become today, shipping electric golf cart motors worldwide!

At Plum Quick Motors, we are always looking at new motor designs that push the limits of torque and speed, and I can say with confidence that Plum Quick Motors will become the world leader in electric golf cart performance!

If I could leave you with one thing, always be supportive of your children in the things that they love to do. If they do the things they love, they will love the things they do, and you will too.

I thank the good Lord that I have parents that showed me that support!

United States Patent Rights

#1 Adjustable Socket-Type Wrench
#2 Extension Actuator for Electrical Wall Switch
#3 Drive Axle Assembly

Jacob Steen

PlumQuick Motors third Generation

Jacob Steen
Noah Steen

PlumQuick Motors third Generation

Noah Steen

Robby’s sculptures

Robby’s sculptures – Click on the thumbnail for closer detail.

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